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Lawrence Hargrave is a School for Specific Purposes catering for 63 secondary students who have a mild intellectual disability, emotional disturbance and a range of behaviour difficulties. The school implements a variety of behaviour strategies using the Positive Behaviour for Learning (PBL) model to support and improve student learning and engagement.

Our school currently employs a number of classroom and specialist teachers to deliver an extensive curriculum, using life skill outcomes to meet the individual needs of each student. Lawrence Hargrave prides itself on being able to offer structures and practices, that respect and respond to the diverse needs and unique characteristics of our students. The schools ‘individual’ approach to each student and their learning plans allow all stakeholders to play a role in each student’s educational development and to strive for continued improvement.

The school is committed to providing students with a challenging, flexible, personalised and safe learning environment that enables students to experience success and increase life choices. The school has formed several partnerships with local businesses, TAFE, universities and various welfare organisations. These partnership promotes and supports students’ well-being, resilience, exposure to real world situations,  experiences that will boost their level of confidence and provide post-school opportunities.

Lawrence Hargrave School focuses on a ‘case management’ approach, which is used to engage families/carers, community and interagency support to develop and implement personalised learning plans that incorporate an extensive pathways approach. From Year 9 onwards, students begin to work more extensively with staff to create a long-term pathways plan that incorporates a step-by-step process in understanding work placement/training, TAFE, careers, and other post-school options.

Through our new school plan 2018-2020, the school has focused heavily on incorporating a school-wide approach to wellbeing with the assistance of the wellbeing framework. Create meaningful curriculum so that each student can flourish and enhance their vocational and social competence. Develop and provide effective student transition plans to assist students in becoming ‘work ready’ and better prepared for ‘real world’ employment expectations.

The school continues to support both families from our local Liverpool area and also extends across greater South-Western Sydney. Through an extensive placement panel process, students are referred to our school and given the opportunity to receive a ‘fresh start’ and new approach to their secondary education.

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