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Strategic directions

School-wide approach to Learning

  • Increased levels of literacy and numeracy achievement for every student.
  • Increased student engagement in literacy and numeracy through effective, highly engaging teaching and learning activities.
  • Data demonstrating a diminished gap between the levels of literacy and numeracy achievement of Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal students.
  • Staff effectively using a full range of diagnostic assessments to inform students' literacy and numeracy learning plans.

Targeted Interventions

  • Increased student attendance and positive behaviour.
  • Quality teaching strategies and technology consistently used to maximise student engagement in learning across the school.
  • Increased student access to learning experiences which enable them to experience success and increase life choices.
  • Individual personal learning plans developed, implemented and reviewed in collaboration with students parents/carers, inter-agency supports and other key stakeholders.


Vocational pathways to provide students with effective, inclusive and supportive options for  transitioning to further education, training and/or employment.