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Year 11 - 12

Course No: 16601

2 units for Year 11 (Preliminary) and Year 12 (HSC).
Board Developed Course.


English Studies, English Standard, English Advanced, English EAL/D, English Extension

Course Description

The Stage 6 English Life Skills course aligns with the rationale, aim and objectives of the Stage 6 English curriculum. The Life Skills outcomes and content have been developed from the English Studies and English Standard syllabuses to provide opportunities for integrated delivery.

The Stage 6 English Life Skills course focuses on the development of effective communication and literacy skills that will enhance the participation of students in all aspects of post-school life.

The course emphasises the ability to communicate effectively in a range of contexts as well as access and respond to texts in different modes and media. Students are provided with opportunities to comprehend and interpret a variety of texts in both familiar and unfamiliar contexts. Students are also provided with opportunities to develop an understanding of the ways in which language forms and features shape meaning in texts. Students are encouraged to appreciate how our own and others’ experiences can be represented through texts.

Study in the Stage 6 English Life Skills course enables students to access information, engage in a range of recreational and leisure activities and undertake further education, training and employment.


Where appropriate, students will be provided with opportunities to engage with a range of texts to assist them to broaden and develop their language skills.

The structure of the Stage 6 English Life Skills course allows for a broad and balanced program that reflects the needs of students within the context of the collaborative curriculum planning process. The modules of the English Studies and English Standard courses provide possible frameworks for addressing the English Life Skills outcomes and content and are suggestions only. The course provides flexibility to develop programs appropriate to the needs, strengths, goals, interests and prior learning of students. 

Course Requirements

Life Skills courses are for students with special education needs, particularly those with an intellectual disability, who are unable to access the outcomes of the regular courses, even with adjustments to teaching, learning and assessment.

On entering students for the Stage 6 English Life Skills course, the principal is certifying that each student is eligible and the decision is the result of the collaborative curriculum planning process.

Students are expected to address or achieve one or more of the Stage 6 English Life Skills outcomes. They need not address or complete all of the content to demonstrate achievement of an outcome.

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