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Aboriginal education

At Lawrence Hargrave students will examine the factors that contribute to and shape the development of a sense of self and identity. Students will be able to reflect on a range of challenges and opportunities that they may experience at this stage of their lives. Culture is integral to identity. All students, including Aboriginal students need to feel that they and their culture are valued and respected.

Our policy has three key areas:

  • Aboriginal and Non-Aboriginal students
  • All staff
  • Community

Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal students

To increase engagement in learning, indicators include:

  • Improve attendance.
  • Reduction in behavioural referrals.
  • Reduction in suspension.
  • Improved on-task time.
  • Improve literacy/numeracy levels.

To increase cultural understanding, indicators include:

  • Developing pride and cultural affirmation.
  • Established awareness of and links with the local and wider Aboriginal community.
  • Understanding that Aboriginal communities are the custodians of knowledge about their own cultures and history. 
  • Feel safe and secure in expressing their own identity as Indigenous people within schools and the wider society.

All staff

To increase cultural understanding through professional learning

Indicators include:

  • Teachers will embed Aboriginal Cultural and perspectives into teaching and learning programs for all students.
  • Teachers will use quality teaching and assessment strategies and resources that are culturally inclusive.
  • Teachers will promote and celebrate National Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders Week.
  • Teachers will promote the process of reconciliation activities throughout the school.


Increased community involvement, indicators include:

  • Develop sustainable community links.
  • Participate in local events that promote Aboriginal culture.
  • Liaise with community organisations that can provide support and mentoring.

Lawrence Hargrave School is a school which caters to the learning needs of the individual students. We are a PBL school and have been since 2009.

Lawrence Hargrave school rules are:

  1. Be safe
  2. Be a learner
  3. Respect myself
  4. Respect others
  5. Respect others

Within our school plan, PBL is now merged into the Well Being Direction and incorporates strategies which are used to improve mental health and well-being for both staff and students. The aim is to promote a positive frame of mind which can have an impact over a long period of time upon the mental health status of our students and staff. This is addressed by developing social skills, regular counselling, resilience programs, values education, meditation and programs from other agencies to support and strengthen the well-being of our students.