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Year 11 - 12

(2018 HSC)

Course No: 16691

2 units for each of Preliminary and HSC

Board Developed Course

Exclusions: Ancient History, Modern History

Course Description

The Stage 6 History Life Skills course provides opportunities for students to explore the past and develop an understanding of how people, groups and events have influenced past societies and the world today. Students participate in historical investigations to identify different perspectives of the past.

Study of the Stage 6 History Life Skills course should contribute to students’ skills in locating, selecting, organising, planning and presenting information within an historical context.

Main Topics Covered

The structure of the History Life Skills course allows teachers to provide a broad and balanced program that reflects the needs of individual students within the context of the collaborative curriculum planning process. Students may study selected outcomes and content within the course.

Study of the History Life Skills course involves:

  • knowledge and understanding of the nature of history and historical investigations
  • knowledge and understanding of people, places, societies and events in the contexts of their times
  • knowledge and understanding of change and continuity over time
  • knowledge and understanding of key global issues and challenges
  • the process of historical inquiry and communicating historical information

Particular Course Requirements

On entering students for the History Life Skills course, the principal is certifying that the student is eligible and the decision is the result of the collaborative curriculum planning process.


Students are assessed in relation to the selected History Life Skills outcomes and content. Students may achieve Life Skills outcomes independently or with support. Demonstration of achievement of outcomes is recorded on the Profile of Student Achievement.

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